jueves, 20 de diciembre de 2018


Is it better to receive a gift or to give one? Watch this video as Father Christmas challenges people to do something unusual and wonderful!

What gift would you like to receive? What gift would you like to give to somebody else? Leave your comments below


¿Qué es mejor? ¿dar o recibir? En este video Papá Noel nos invita a hacer algo diferente y maravilloso.

¿Qué regalo te gustaría recibir? ¿Qué te gustaría que recibiese todo el mundo? Cuéntanoslo en comentarios

15 comentarios:

  1. give, because you make people happy

    I would like to receive a necessary object. I would like people to receive things that they need

  2. 1.Give. For example, to give a toy to a small child and see how he has fun with him is wonderful.
    2.I would like a visit from my little cousin. His name is Carlos.
    I would like everyone to receive a winning lottery tenth XD
    Curro Jordán Luque 2ºA

  3. 1.It is better to give than to receive why you make people happier and feel better with yourself 2.1 I would like to go to Barcelona to visit my family
    2.2 I would like everyone to receive what they most love in the world

    Israel Barrero Gómez 2°A

  4. 1- I like to receive gifts but I like to give gifts because I like the face that they are happy
    2- I would like to spend a family Christmas together and happy
    3- If I could, I would give everyone food, water, and a house to live
    Sofia días manzano 2°A

  5. 1- It is better to give because joy is the best gift you can give.
    2- I would like to receive the love of others.
    3- I would like you to receive what you need.
    Cristina Borrego Marín 2ºA

  6. I would like to gift Joy for everyone
    I would like to recive other's friendship
    Esteban Fernández 2ºA

  7. 1-I prefer to give because i like to make people happy because there are people who need it more than me.
    2-I would like to receive the love of the people i love.
    3-I would like for people to receive something that they really need.
    Angela Merat Fernández 2ºA

  8. 1.I think it's better to give because I see the happiness of the other person.
    2. I would like to recive something necessary that I really like.
    2.1.I would like everyone to celebrate Christmas happily with their family.
    Juan Perea Rodríguez 2ºA

  9. 1Give. Because when you give a gift yuo feel very good
    2 I spend a fun chritmas with the people I love the most
    3 They can choose what they would most like from a house tu water a simple thing that makes them very happy
    María Rodríguez Tejada 2ºA

  10. 1-I think is better to give one
    2-to me what I would like to receive is some book. And for others, something that he liked.
    Isabel Luque Rueda 2*A

  11. 1-I think it's better to give a gift than to receive one since you feel happy making other people happy
    2-I would like to receive a dog because my parents are not convinced to have it. I would like for everyone in the world to have equality and respect for all

    Blanca Palacios Palacios 2A

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  13. 3. I would like everyone to receive something that would serve him well in his life. Examples: food, clothing ...

    1. I like to give more than to receive because I like that people receive the most appreciated for their own life

    2. I would like to receive a horse as a gift because I have always liked it since I was little

  14. 1. It is better to give to those in need with nothing in return, be generous and make them happy.

    2. I prefer to give to those who need it most, I will be satisfied with their thanks

    3. I would like them to receive a lot of love, a good year and a lot of peace and joy


  15. 1. Give. When we give gifts we think of others and do not focus on ourselves.
    2. If it is something not material, I would like to receive sincerity, love, kindness. And to receive the whole world, empathy
    Marta Toro Fuentes. 2.A