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 Information Sheet for Coming Language Assistants

Dear language assistant,

We would like to warmly welcome you to this entry, specially written for you. We hope that it gives you a flavour of the vast range of activities that the students and staff are involved in within IES Ostippo. I hope that some of the energy, commitment, hard work and fun that are part of everyday life in our school are evident throughout this entry.  Enjoy your visit!


First, let me give you some information about our beloved school. It is at the top of a cute hill in Estepa, Estepa is a quite typical Andalusian town, surrounded by fields and fields of olive trees, crowned by a beautiful mountain and with some beautiful sightseeing spots. In Spain, Estepa is well-known  for its popular Chritsmas Sweets and the excellent quality of its olive oil.   

If you are interested in living the real Andalusian experience, this is the place to come.

By coming to live to a town, and not a larger city, you will be able to get an authentic Spanish immersion which is quite difficult to get if you are living in a big city . You can watch a video of one of the Scavenger Hunts we have played in town. You will be able to take a peek at our village.

Also, living in Estepa
is much easier economically speaking, since you won’t need any kind of transportation to move around and the rents are much cheaper than in Seville, Córdoba and Málaga. 

Estepa is well connected to those cities since we have a motorway leading directly to them and as language assistants have to work just four days a week, they can devote the long weekends to visit the big cities nearby.


What are the options available with respect to accommodation? Usually we help our assistants find accommodation, by either sharing a flat with other languages assistants, or living on their own.


Another advantage of choosing our school is that some of our auxs eat at the canteen of the Primary School next door. They help the teachers by serving food to the kids and then after the kids' shift they have lunch with the teachers (which provides them with a great opportunity to socialise and to practise their Spanish).

Taylor, Katie, Eleanor, Ana (the Bilingual Coordinator) and Francis (our maths teacher) learning to make Christmas Sweets

And how is life in Estepa once you are happily settled? Well, language assistants have to coordinate with the ANL Teachers and prepare the lessons and some material but, apart from that, you are going to have quite a lot of free time in your evenings. So, here are some leisure activities we suggest(which by the way are mostly free and some may even help you make an extra income). Here we go:

·         Do you play any musical instrument? There is a quite active concert band in Estepa. They prepare some concerts during the year. Apart from the concert band, there is a music school, so you may as well register for some lessons (they are not free but you just have to pay like 50 euros for the whole year)


·         Do you like sports? Basketball? Football? Tennis? Paddle? Skateboarding? You can practise any of these sports at the Sports Centre (which is almost touching our school) and other local facilities. Some of our former assistants have attended some basketball practice and they really enjoyed it. They also used to go hiking quite a lot.  There is a broader selection of sports so if you are interested in learning more, just let us know and we will “investigate”!.


·         Do you like reading? Our librarians Dámasa and Manolo will be delighted to get you a Library Card and to show you the library collection. You can borrow up to four books for two weeks. Reading children’s and young adults literature in Spanish will help you improve your Spanish a lot.


·         Seeing movies? We have a cute cinema where movies are shown at a very competitive price (4 euros).


·         Do you like playing with children? Do you like teaching? Do you like money? Many of our assistants have earned some extra money tutoring children at the children’s houses. Kate and Helena used to play with them: sometimes she prepared a game or a craft activity, other times she would read them a book, play with dolls, make Christmas cookies…George and Tailor preferred tutoring teenagers so they would have conversation classes, work with songs, review for a test…


Would you like to take a peek inside our school? Here you have two videos my students recorded last year to show you our high school and a virtual tour of our Annex building: Welcome to the AnnexBuilding

Our High school website is www. , our IG accounts are and  and our Facebook page is . You can also have a look at them to get an insight of the school. 


Also, We think it may be of your interest to have a look at the following documents.We hope you find them useful

-          The school calendar for this year. Apart from the holidays that you can see in this document, there is no school on the 16th of May because of a local festivity "La Octava de los Remedios "( It's is really popular in our town). We  also have two or three more days off but the dates have to be decided by the local Educational Authorities at the beginning of each school year..

 -            The bilingual planning. By having a look at it you will be able to get a good insight into our project (I’m sorry it is not in English. This document was originally intended for the Principal and the Headteacher) especially the subjects that take part in it.

 -          A “Welcome Pack” document (this one in English) with some useful tips, a description of our centre, an explanation of your task as a language assistant…


Well, dear assistant. That’s all by now, but there is so much more to tell! Stay tuned to our social media to learn more about us. We are constantly preparing fun activities and projects. Of course, please feel free to email us, If you would like to get in touch.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes!

The bilingual programme team.

jueves, 4 de noviembre de 2021


 Morning everybody!

We have already kicked off our new integrated unit in the 1st year of bachillerato. The subjects working on it are philosophy and P.E. This year it will consist of several debates in English dealing with the following issues:

1. Should doping be allowed in competitive sports?

2. Does sport generate gender and racial discrimination?

3. Should countries with poor human rights records be banned from participating in international sporting events?

Our language assistant, Jenna, is helping out by giving the students some knowledge on how to properly carry out debates: parts, rules, roles...

To finish up this introductory lesson, our students held some unrehearsed debates.

They had soo much fun!

¡Buenos días!

Ya hemos arrancado con nuestra unidad integrada en 1º de bachillerato. Las áreas bilingües en este nivel son Filosofía y Educación Física y este año va a consistir en la preparación de varios debates en inglés sobre los siguientes temas:

1. ¿Debería permitirse el dopaje en los eventos deportivos?

2. ¿Genera el deporte discriminación sexual y/o racial?

3. ¿Se debería prohibir la participación en grandes eventos deportivos a los países que no respetan los derechos humanos? 

Aunque tradicionalmente se le reconoce un gran potencial educativo en la adquisición de valores sociales deseables, lo cierto es que, examinando algunos de los discursos e imágenes del deporte contemporáneo, podemos apreciar su carácter conflictivo, por cuanto puede ser vehículo de transmisión de valores moralmente cuestionables. 

El objetivo de la unidad integrada de este curso es examinar las características del deporte de una manera crítica e interrogarnos sobre su contribución a la formación integral y a la potenciación de las capacidades morales y sociales de los adolescentes. 

Asimismo, desde el área de Educación Física se propondrán algunas pautas pedagógicas dirigidas a la utilización de la práctica deportiva como un medio a través del cual, los alumnos pueden ser estimulados en sus capacidades personales y aprender formas de convivencia democrática.

Para esta actividad, nuestra auxiliar de conversación, Jenna, nos ha estado dando varias nociones sobre lo que es un debate: partes, reglas, roles…

Para finalizar, los alumnos han realizados varios debates improvisados teniendo que posicionarse a favor o en contra.

El resultado: ¡una clase muy entretenida e interesante!

domingo, 31 de octubre de 2021


 The spooky season arrived and it brought lots of opportunities for some scary Halloween fun! This year we have had a Halloween scavenger Hunt to entertain our students.  They had so much fun practicing their reading and searching for clues indoors or out!


Students from EOS after the Scavenger Hunt

Halloween is the perfect time for spooky rhymes and riddles. We created a fun set of scary scavenger hunt clues to hide around our buildings.  One clue leads to the next, taking our students to twelve locations in our school. They loved working as a team to solve them. 

Our students were challenged, trying to figure out the riddle
to locate the next clue.

Con la llegada de la “ spooky season” (o sea, el mes de Octubre), en el instituto hemos aprovechado cualquier oportunidad para posar un rato “escalofriante”. ¿Un ejemplo? Esta molona “Gymkana Halloweenense”. 

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Clues

Nuestros estudiantes, corrieron, subieron y bajaron escaleras y pusieron en práctica su imaginación para resolver las pistas que les conducían al dulce premio final.

Students running through the Staff's corridor

viernes, 1 de octubre de 2021


This is the third year we offer this optional subject in the 2nd year of bachillerato. With this subject, our students will improve their oral communication skills since it allows them to demonstrate their ability to use oral language skills. Giving an oral presentation,  roleplaying a dialogue...can be quite scary, but we're here to help! 

Some of our most renowned activities are giving lessons and organising storytelling sessions at the primary school next door. 

EOS Students during a storytelling session at "Ntra. Sra, de los Remedios" Primary School



jueves, 23 de septiembre de 2021


 Now, it is  Emily's turn. She will arrive in a few weeks.  We are looking forward to meeting her too!  Welcome to Spain!

MEET EMILY (click here to enjoy a nice presentation about her)
(Haz click en el enlace para ver una presentación sobre ella)

Y ahora es el turno de Emily! Llegará dentro de unas semanas y estamos deseando conoverla.  ¡Bienvenida a España! 

domingo, 19 de septiembre de 2021



Our new language assistant, Jenna Fallow, will arrive in a few days. We are looking forward to get to know her so she has sent us a video about her life in England and Scotland.  Welcome to Spain!



Jenna es nuestra nueva auxiliar de conversación. Faltan sólo unos días para que llegue y estamos deseando conocerla, así que nos ha enviado un vídeo de presentación. ¡Bienvenida a España! 

viernes, 28 de mayo de 2021


Welcome friends to your first Estepa scavenger hunt!

Let's see how smart you really are kids!

Things you'll need are:

-QR Scanner



-Pixie dust (it rhymed so... nvrmnd)

Scan this code to find your clue.

I'll be waiting at the end. :)


miércoles, 5 de mayo de 2021



Australia, EE.UU., Reino Unido, Irlanda, Canada...en nuestros 15 años de bilingüismo hemos acogido auxiliares de diferentes países anglófonos. Te presentamos a los más recientes


Fundadora del "English Club" y embajadora del famoso sandwich de mantequilla de cacahute con mermelada. Llegó desde Iowa para enseñarnos a jugar al baseball.


Perfecto caballero inglés. Continuó con el club de inglés y nos enseñó su acento perfecto.


Inglesa de nacimiento, australiana de corazón y maestra por vocación. Nos enamoró a todos con su alegría y espontaneidad 


Nuestra actual auxiliar es una texana enamorada de España. Ha solicitado al ministerio quedarse con nosotros una año más .

¡Seguro que sí!


Alex was with us 4 years ago and the teachers that worked with her fondly remember her as a great helper in class. This American outgoing and friendly girl always took and an active role in the life of our centre.

This is what she wrote about her stay with us:

My time at IES Ostippo in Estepa has been a positive experience thus far. It’s my first time in a small Andalusian town, and it’s definitely been interesting! Each day starts off with me hiking up a steep mountainside, passing through the small pueblo of white houses, and feeling the brisk breeze through my many layers. Once I arrive at work I’m usually greeted by both students and coworkers alike with a friendly, “Good morning, teacher!” And so begins my day.

I enter in geography and history, biology, math, philosophy, physical education, and English classes. I have students from 1 ESO to 1 Bachillerato. I see each class at least once a week, if not more. I plan most of my hour-long lessons based on what subject is being covered in class each day. In P.E. I assist the teacher by giving the day’s instructions in English. But I also make sure to participate in the sports activities with the students. I can’t say I’m the best athlete, but my volleyball serve has definitely improved! And I’m looking forward to field trips to the gym and the Sierra Nevada in Granada in the next few days, as well.

Working with my students is what keeps me motivated. And although life doesn’t vary much day-to-day inEstepa, the kids make each day lively and fun! Their enthusiasm is infectious. And it never fails to put a smile on my face. So if I can impress upon them the importance of learning a new language in a world of seven billion people, then I’ll have made some small achievement.

viernes, 30 de abril de 2021


Haz click en la imagen para leer el proyecto de Noemí

Each year, as part of the bilingual programme, our students carry out interdisciplinary research on a specific topic.

This year, our students from the 3rd grade have been working together in Biology & Geology, Geography & History and English on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the global economy and its social consequences. To round off the project, the students interviewed Nina, one of our aux’s friends, to get an insight into how the pandemic is affecting other countries, in this case, Australia.
Haz click en la imagen para ver el proyecto de Claudia

Haz click en la imagen para leer el proyecto de Sheila

Today we would like to show you some of their projects.

Haz click en la imagen para leer el proyecto de Cristina

The bilingual project team would like to thank the students and all the teachers involved in the project for their amazing teamwork.

Haz click en la imagen para leer el proyecto de Jose Antonio

Cada año, nuestros alumnos llevan a cabo un proyecto multidisciplinar en el que participan las materias integrantes del programa bilingüe. Este año en 3º de ESO el tema elegido ha sido el COVID-19 y su impacto a nivel socioeconómico.

Os mostramos algunos de los trabajos realizados por nuestros alumnos. Nos gustaría agradecer, tanto a alumnos como profesores, su esfuerzo y dedicación en esta tarea. 

lunes, 22 de febrero de 2021




Hello everyone! Our fantabulous English Club is back thanks to our language assistant, Andrea. This club gives our students a great opportunity to learn English in a fun setting outside of the classroom. Just like in previous years, in the English Club, the students will get the chance to learn more vocabulary as well as American culture. This club will take place weekly during the break. Come and join us! To participate in the English Club just talk to your English teacher. 


¡Hola a todos! Nuestro Club de inglés está de vuelta gracias a Andrea. Nuestra auxiliar de conversación e nos ofrece la posibilidad de mejorar el inglés de nuestros estudiantes continuando con la propuesta de otros años: "English Club". De nuevo, el alumnado podrá aprender nuevo vocabulario y otros aspectos de la cultura americana formando parte de este club que se reunirá todas las semanas durante un recreo. Los jueves en el aula 13 del edificio principal. Si te interesa, habla con tu profesora de inglés. ¡Vamos, únete!

sábado, 12 de diciembre de 2020

Practise your reading skills!/ ¡Disfruta de la lectura!

Reading is one of the best ways to build your vocabulary and improve your English. But everyone is different, and finding things you really want to read can be tough! Check out these great free resources to get started!

CommonLit: Stories and more -

Classic books and graded readers -

Library of America short stories -

La lectura en inglés es una gran aliada para el aprendizaje del idioma. Amplía el vocabulario, refuerza la ortografía y la gramática, ayuda a aprender la correcta pronunciación de los sonidos, permite que los lectores dejen volar la imaginación y es una de las formas más eficaces para hacer de la práctica del idioma algo divertido y cotidiano.

¡Qué mejor forma de empezar que con estos estos estupendos recursos gratuitos! 

viernes, 23 de octubre de 2020

Did you know…today is "International Library Day”?


And we would like to promote the borrowing of books in English!  We have a great collection of English books in our school library (or like some of our students prefer to say “awesome collection of English books!”😎)

We would like to keep you hooked on reading! Reach a higher step on your learning journey!💪

We have magazines....




Comic books


Take a peek inside the magazines, you’ll find interesting articles...

Yummy recipes...

hilarious comics….

puzzles and games, diy crafts...


Our School Library is now offering borrowing services despite the COVID-19 closures. This service is available to to all the students and teachers. However, in order to borrow your favourite books, you must know the following instructions:


1- Borrowers will be notified by email when their requested items are ready for pickup.


2- Library materials that circulate are loaned for fourteen (14) days


3- Returned books will be received at the book drop and placed on hold for 72 hours and therefore will not be available for checkout immediately

Our book drop-off box made of recycled wood😍😍. Isn't it cute?

Library staff (that is, the teachers in charge)will work as quickly as possible and your patience is much appreciated😉.


Enjoy them!😊

Hoy es el Dia Internacional de las Bibliotecas, así que os vamos a hablar del estupendo material en inglés que tenemos en nuestra biblioteca. ¡Seguro que os engancha!

Tenemos lecturas graduadas, revistas, cómics...échale un vistazo a las fotos de esta entrada. Aquí encontrarás pasatiempos, juegos, recetas, manualidades, artículos de interés…todo está a tu disposición.

La biblioteca sigue manteniendo su servicio de préstamo pero respetando un protocolo de seguridad para la prevención del COVID-19. Así que, atento a las normas para poder disfrutar de tus libros favoritos:

1- Pide el libro a través del Classroom de tu biblioteca (ya sea la Principal o la del Anexo), indicando el nombre del libro y el autor, tu nombre y el grupo al que perteneces.

2- En cuanto tu pedido esté preparado, se te notificará por correo electrónico..

3- Puedes disfrutar de tu libro o revista durante 15 días.

4- Al devolverlo, tu libro será puesto en cuarentena durante 72 horas (3 días) por lo que no podrá ser prestado inmediatamente tras su devolución.  

Los profesores encargados de la biblioteca están trabajando a destajo, por lo que agradecemos, como siempre, tu infinita paciencia con el pedido de tu libro😉.

¡Qué los disfrutes!